Camp Requirements


“But thou, O man of God…follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness…be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit… Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them…” 1 Timothy 6:11, 4:12,15

If these principles are believed and respected by all, then the following necessary requirements will receive your full support. The following requirements apply to all organizations and individuals using the premises and facilities of the Christadelphian Bible Camp, Manitoulin Island, all year round.


1. ATTENDANCE – Attendance at all classes is required and punctuality is expected. Unbaptized teenagers must attend the classes designed for them. Early arrivals and late departures must make their intentions known to a committee member before and upon arrival.

2. SMOKING, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, DRUGS – Our purpose is to shut out the world by providing a secluded environment amidst the handiwork of the Almighty. The possession of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and non-medical drugs violates this purpose. A zero tolerance rule is in effect. Violation of this rule will regrettably result in expulsion from the camp.

3. CURFEW – All attendees must be on a site and quiet by 10:45 PM and on their own site and lights out by 11:45 PM.

4. PARENTS, GUARDIANS, COUNSELLORS – A guardian is required for any young person (baptized or unbaptized) under the age of 18 at the time of the camp. A guardian must have a signed permission form from the legal guardian to qualify as a guardian at the Bible Camp. Guardians must maintain control and are responsible for persons in their care at all times.

5. DRESS – “Modest and seemly as befits those who profess God-likeness.” (1 Timothy 2:9-11; 1 Peter 3:2-4) Apparel that increases exposure of, or purposely emphasizes the body of men and women is not modest. Tops and dresses should not be strapless, have spaghetti straps, be open fronted, or have plunging necklines which allow for distracting exposure of the chest or back. For all, clothing should provide sufficient coverage for all undergarments. The midriff and lower back should not be visible when standing, sitting or bending. Skirt and dress hems should be knee length, and any slits should extend no higher than the knee. All clothing should be clean, neat, and tidy, not excessively faded, not transparent, and free of tatters and tears. Slogans and graphics on clothing should reflect a godly character and should not be offensive. Dress for all who are 13 and older at Bible readings, classes, memorial and evening program:

LADIES – Shoes, skirt, dress, blouse/top. For the evening program slacks are permissible. Sisters are requested to wear head coverings to all the above.

MEN – Shoes, pants, shirt/top. (Shirts are to be worn at all times – optional when swimming.)

NOTE – Modest shorts may be worn by all, at other times.

6. All SUBJECTS to be discussed or presented during classes or any program need to be approved by the respective camp committee.  For the peace of the camps, controversial SUBJECTS are not to be discussed during the camps. This would include discussing with a brother or sister their decision whether or not to partake of the memorial emblems. This is to be left as a matter of conscience.


1. Attendees may use the premises and the access road to and from the main highway. However, use of any adjoining property requires the owner’s permission. Any attendees who are found trespassing will be asked to leave the camp.

2. No live trees or branches may be cut down. Dead branches may be cut off and piled for future removal.

3. Firearms and fireworks are not allowed on the grounds.

4. Pets are not allowed.

5. Deposit rubbish in clear plastic garbage bags in designated containers or locations.

6. All gates are to be kept closed.

7. No bicycles are to be ridden in the camp.

8. Licensed drivers and vehicles only may use the access road to and from the grounds. Speed limit on access road 30 KPH. Speed limit within the grounds 10 KPH.

9. Any electronic equipment and toys are to be used for the sole purpose of Biblical instruction.

10. Parents and guardians are encouraged to teach children to respect and preserve all wildlife.



1. No outboard motors are to be used on Lake Martin.

2. All boats, canoes and paddleboats must be equipped with government approved life jackets or personal flotation devices in sufficient quantities for all passengers and must be worn at all times. Adults must set the example.

3. All boat owners are responsible for the safe use of their craft. Boats may be stored at campsites but if left at the lake, MUST be locked to prevent misuse. No boats are permitted on the lake after sunset.

4. When fishing, keep only the fish you will be using for the following 24 hours and only those larger than eight inches in length. The Province of Ontario fishing laws apply to all the attendees.

5. Boats, canoes and paddleboats must not be used for access to trespass on land outside the fenced area. See Note under B-1 on trespassing.

6. Paddle boats must be used inside designated areas and with the permission of appointed supervisor.

7. Canoes may be used after obtaining permission from the Boating Supervisor. Attendees under the age of 18 are also required to submit the “Parent / Guardian Boating Permission Form” to the Boating Supervisor.


1. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children at the beach and in the water.

2. Practice the “buddy system” – swim with a buddy, never swim alone.

3. Only modest swimming apparel is acceptable (women’s bikinis and strapless swimsuits are not considered modest).

4. Swimming allowed only in designated areas at posted times. Adults must set the example. Swimming, jumping or diving from boats, canoes or paddleboats is not allowed.


1. There are to be NO campfires on the sites.

2. All cooking is to be done on fuel burning stoves (e.g. naphtha, propane, natural gas).

3. No cooking is to be done on an open fire (e.g. camp fire, hibachi).

4. Only appointed individuals with proper instruction may operate the camp Bar-B-Que.

5. Each site MUST have one orange bucket half-filled with water and one orange bucket half-filled with sand, which are to be used only in case of an emergency.

6. No children are to operate a stove of any kind without direct supervision.

7. Coleman-type lamps are NOT to be hung from trees, ropes, poles, tents, etc.

8. The emergency horn is to be used only in case of emergency.

9. If and when the emergency horn is sounded, all camp attendees are to assemble in the field beside the washrooms and await further instructions. All attendees will be considered to have agreed to uphold the letter and spirit of these rules. Violation of any of the camp rules may, regrettably, result in expulsion from the premises and the remaining activities. The Bible Camp Committee appreciates your cooperation and Christ-like commitment to these requirements.

“Look not on your own interests, but those of others.” Philippians 2:4

Revised February 2015 (Revision to A-6)